Zevi’s architects. History and counter-history of Italian architecture 1944-2000

Exhibition at the MAXXI, Rome, 25 Apr — 16 Sep 2018

The exhibition Zevi’s Architects. History and Counter-history of Italian Architecture is based on the idea of uniting the figure of Bruno Zevi with a significant work designed by an architect or group of architects whom the great historian and critic supported and appreciated throughout his career. The exhibition, staged in collaboration with the Fondazione Bruno Zevi and curated by Pippo Ciorra and Jean-Louis Cohen (it will be at the MAXXI until 16 September), celebrates the centenary of the birth of one of the most eccentric and multifaceted personalities of the 20th century, a man who was able to combine work as a historian, teacher, architect and designer with the role of politician as well as radio and TV broadcaster. In the exhibition historical and biographical material is interwoven with the drawings, photos and models. The account of his life begins in the pre-war years when he attended the Liceo Classico Tasso in Rome, where he took part in the Littoriali, the artistic and cultural contests organized by the Fascist regime, and joined the leftist group headed by Ruggero Zangrandi where the difficult art of criticizing the regime apparently from within was being honed. After this came years of exile as a result of the racial laws, a university education at Harvard and his return, with the foundation of the Association for Organic Architecture which united a renewal of architecture with the needs of reconstruction.


Exhibition book:

Zevi’s Architects – History and Counter-History of Italian Architecture 1944-2000

List of architects included in the exhibition:

Luigi Agati

Franco Albini

Nello Aprile


Vittoria Cafiero

Cino Calcaprina

Leo Calino

Michele Capobianco

Iginio Cappai

Aldo Cardelli

Massio Castellazzi

Luigi Cosenza

Riccardo D’Alisi

Luigi Carlo Daneri

Giancarlo De Carlo

Mario de Renzi

Marcello D’Olivo


Carlo Fegiz

Mario Fiorentino

Wolfgang Frankl

Ignazio Gerdella

Domenci Gimigliano

Enzo Gori

Giuseppe Giorgio Gori

Federico Gordi

Marcello Guido

Franc Helg

Alberto Libera

Ameneo Luccichenti

Pietro Mainardis

Giovanni Michelucci

Carlo Mollino

Vincencio Monaco

Eugenio Montuaori

Riccardo Morandi

Luigi Moretti

Sergio Musmeci

Pier Luigi Nervi

Francesco Palpacelli

Luigi Pellegrin

Renzo Piano

Massimo Pica Ciamarra

Achille Pintonello

Gino Pollini

Ludovico Quaroni

Leonardo Ricci

Mario Ridolfi

Aldo Loris Rossi

Maurizio Sacripanti

Pietro Sartogo

Leonardo Savioli

Carlo Scarpa

Paolo Soleri

Studion Transit

Michele Valori

Vittorano Vigano

Anniblae Vitellozzi

Enzo Zacchiroli

MAXXI Rome – Link to exhibition

Das Baumhaus im Pinienwald, Exhibition catalogue, 2019

Catalogue for the architekturgalerie am weissenhof exhibition in January – March 2019.

Link to architektrugalerie am weissenhof, Stuttgart

Link to AMAZON

The Casa Model

The set-up of of the walls for the Royal Academy London exhibition

To explore the idea od the Endless House we fabricated a scale model of the Casa Sperimentale. THis model made of grey Valchromat and wood was set up for the Weissenhog exhibition to reflect the current set up of the walls in the house.

The model, consisting of 199 individual pieces is, like the real building, made of modules bolted together. They can be disassembled and reassembled to test out different configurations of the building.

Casa Model set up in the Weissenhof exhibition.

This setting reflects the current set up of the walls in the Casa Sperimentale. The transport box, made of plywood in the same dimensions as the Casa Sperimentale wall elements can be used to transport the model.

The bathroom elements, CNC’ed out of wood are suspended off the mainframe of the model like the bathrooms in the real building.

These drawings shows the CNC toolpaths for the fabrication of the model.

This model was made with support from the Bartlett BMade workshop. The CNC work was done by Dimitris Ktorides.


Exhibition at architekturgalerie am weissenhof in Stuttgart

Casa Sperimentale Exhibition at the architekturgalerie am weissenhof, Stuttgart 17.01 – 03.03.2019

As part of the Bauhaus 100 exhibition cycle the Casa Sperimentale was exhibited at the architektugalerie am weissenhog in Stuttgart, Germany.

The Bauhaus in Germany was a lively school of ideas and a field for experimenting in the free and applied arts, design, architecture and educational methods.

We see the Casa Sperimentale to follow the Bauhaus principles. It is pushing the boundaries of architecture, it has been conceived as a design tool, it is based on complex geometries, the Perugini family has been involved in educating architects for many years.

Sabine and Patrick’s exhibition looked at the (hi)stories surrounding the creation of this amazing masterpiece and speculate on the reasons for its demise. 

Shown in the exhibition was part of the research into the Casa Sperimentale. Parts of the gallery were transformed into a space using the same geometric elements the Casa is built of. A large scale model explored the modular nature of the building.

The exhibition was opened on the 17.01.2019 with a public lecture by Patrick Weber and Sabine Storp at the Stattliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Stuttgart.

This exhibition featured:

Exhibition 18.01 – 3.03.3019

architekturgalerie am weissenhof
Am Weissenhof 30 
70191 Stuttgart / Germany


Exhibition at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2019

The research model has been exhibited as part of the annual Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2019. The exhibition was open 10.06 –

For this exhibition the arrangement of the model has been changed to reflect a different iteration of the design.

Royal Academy Burlington House, Piccadilly,
London, W1J 0BD

RA Summer Exhibition 2019