Drone film of the Casa Sperimentale by Nils Astrologo

This amazing film by the professional drone pilot Nils Astrologo has been posted on Instagram.

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Quanti di voi da bambini hanno desiderato vivere in una casa sull’albero? Immaginate di esser adolescenti negli anni 60, vostro padre un grande architetto contemporaneo e vostra madre una pittrice, entrambi con la voglia di divertirsi e soddisfare quel desiderio. Così che nel 68 fu posata la prima pietra di questa straordinaria struttura la casa albero sperimentale della famiglia Perugini. Modulare come una costruzione in Lego. Sospesa su “rami” in cemento e pensata in totale contrapposizione ai canoni stilistici dell architettura romana. La casa è stata abitata per più di dieci anni e adesso è in rovina in balia dei vandali. Dopo tanti anni ho deciso di tornarci e filmare questo piccolo video, non è venuto come avrei voluto ma pazienza. •••••••••• How many of you as children have wanted to live in a tree house? Imagine being teenagers in the 60s, your father a great contemporary architect and your mother a painter, both with the desire to have fun and satisfy that desire. So that in 68 the foundation stone of this extraordinary structure was laid, the experimental tree house of the Perugini family. Modular as a Lego construction. Suspended on concrete "branches" and designed in total opposition to the stylistic canons of Roman architecture. The house has been inhabited for over ten years and is now in ruins at the mercy of the vandals. After many years I decided to go back and film this little video, it didn't come as I would have liked, but that’s it. #brutalism #itsabandoned #architecture #drone #fpvdrone

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Federico Fellini, The White Sheik, 1952

Ivan Cavalli (Leopoldo Trieste) brings his new wife Wanda (Brunella Bovo) to Rome on the least romantic honeymoon in history, a rigid schedule of family meetings and audiences with the Pope. But Wanda, dreaming of the dashing hero of a photo-strip cartoon, drifts off in search of the White Sheik, thus setting off a slapstick comedy worthy of Chaplin. The style and themes which made Federico Fellini world famous are already apparent in this charming comedy (his first solo directorial effort), featuring such long-time collaborators as his wife, actress Giulietta Masina, and composer Nino Rota. (Source CRITERION COLLECTION)

The scenes with the White Sheik suspended in mid-air on a swing were filmed i nFregene, not far from the site of the Casa Sperimentale.

Casa Sperimentale – 3D Scan

The Casa Sperimentale is in an increasingly fragile state. Increased vandalism has opened the structure up to the weather. Metal corrosion on the main structural members connecting the concrete superstructure makes it more difficult to visit and survey the building with traditional methods. As the Perugini family improvised during the design and building phase there was no actual drawing record of the complete structure in the context of the site and the surrounding trees.

The relatively high levels of accuracy, combined with photogrammetry, enables detailed virtual modelling of entire buildings with millimeter precision, recording appearance and form as one. This level of detail enables more precise coordination and pre-planning of conservation efforts by allowing specialists to make useful preliminary assessments of material conditions before visiting site, as well as more effective coordination of equipment and machinery with regards to access.

3D scanned plan of the building and the surrounding site. The scan enables tree foliage to be removed to expose the building in its relation to the site. (3D scan plan drawing taken from the point-cloud information by the author)

Given the complexity of the Casa Sperimentale’s three-dimensional form, standard survey methods of photography and linear two-dimensional measurements would not have provided the certainty needed to be able to make reliable off-site assessments.

In a parallel sense, the level of access provided, combined with accuracy, enables a new degree of digital dissemination of architecture, rivalling the impact of architectural photography. The existence of a comprehensive digital model enables unprecedented access to the principle logic and form of the Casa Sperimentale to any number of viewers simultaneously, whilst protecting the existing building from further deterioration due to increased visitation by the survey teams as well as the public.

In this way, the 3D Scan serves as a preservation document, a comprehensive record of the building as it exists today-including, for better or worse, its dilapidations signs of wear, abuse, material fatigue, but also its endurance and the finer aspects of its weathering.

The 3D scans were made by Thomas Parker.


The scan film on Youtube

Interview with Raynaldo Perugini, the owner

Professor Raynaldo Perugini, the son of Giuseppe Perugini and Uga de Plaissant is one of the three architects who designed and build the Casa Sperimentale.

In the video Raynaldo is explaining some of the ideas behind the design and some of the history of the building.

Interview on Youtube

Darl Polo Gang video

Dark Polo Gang is an Italian music group from Rome founded by Tony Effe, Wayne Santana and Dark Pyrex in 2014.

In 2016 they shot an illegal music video for their song DARK BOY (Prod. by Sick Luke & Nino B) in the Casa Sperimentale without the permission of the owner. Covering the structure with their signature tag 777.

So far the video has over 4 million views on Youtube and making the building more known via social media and in popular culture.


Interview with Angelo Bellotto, the builder

This film is one of the series of interviews/stories about the house and it aims to explore the (his)story of the building through the eyes of the architects/inhabitants/builder/friends/employees. Angelo Bellotto is one of the builders involved in the construction of the house.

Angelo has been involved in the building of the Casa Sperimentale from the very beginning.

Link to Youtube