This whole project would have been impossible without the help, criticism, guidance, and continuous support of a lot of collaborators. We are fortunate to be able to draw on a wide variety of expertise whenever we have an idea, encounter a new problem, or just hit the yet another roadblock.

Thank you for not running away when we ask for help…

We would like to thank Angelo Bellotto, Chiara del Giudice, and of course Raynaldo Perugini for their continuous support.

This project has been supported by:

The Bartlett School of Architecture Research Fund, thank you, Prof. Barbara Penner and Prof. Yeorgia Manopoulou for your support.

The exhibition at the architekturgalerie am weissenhof in Stuttgart has been supported by Wolfgang Schwarz. The exhibition built has been handled by Frank Pflüger.

For this projects we collaborated with:

Samson Adjei (sorting our brain out and getting the story right)

Roberto Bottazzi (pointing us in the right direction with history of computational architecture)

Mihai Constantinescu (3D interactive Casa model)

Gintare Kapociute (editing and working on the exhibition catalogue)

Dimitris Ktorides (CNC work for our Casa model)

Matt Lucraft (Film editing work)

Sara Martinez Zamora (Catalogue editing and the 3D interactive Casa model) – timefold studio

Matei Mitrache (3D interactive Casa model) – timefold studio

Thomas Parker (3D scanning)

Federica Terenzi (Researcher in Italy)

Andy Tye from French&Tye (A great visit to Rome to take the photos!)

BMade – Manufacturing hub at the Bartlett School of Architecture esp. William-Victor Camillieri and David Shanks.

Sabine Storp and Patrick Weber, London 2020


May 30, 2020