Leonardo Savioli

Leonardo Savioli, Danielo Santi, Casa per appartamenti, Florence 1964-1967.

The Italian architect Leonardo Savioli (1917-1982) studies in FLorence where he continued his career teaching at Florence University. His approach to teaching was seen as radical, he embraced experimental ideas and a creative dialogue.

In his course ‘Interior Architecture and Design, taught from 1966-1970 he embraced the idea of prefabricated modular concrete elements. He tested this ideas by building his own studio in 1968 – a structure made of steel with interchangeable concrete and steel modular pieces.

View from inside Savioli’s own studio in Florence shwoing prefabricated concrete frames set within the horizontal windws.

The Apartment block in Florence is made of in-situ concrete with precast elements set within the elevations.

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July 1, 2020