Ludovico Quaroni

Ludovico Quaroni (1911-1987) was an Italian Urbanist, Architect, Essayist, and University Professor.

In 1938 he designed the Piazza imperiale Roma EUR with Saverio Muratori and Luigi Moretti.

 In 1946 he joined the APAO, Association for Organic Architecture, founded by Bruno Zevi.

During his career, he worked on the re-construction of Gibellina and the modernisation of a village near Matera as part of the INA-Casa movement.  

His work is collected in the Olivetti Archive. LINK

Ludovico Quaroni, Project of the new office building of the Chamber of Deputies, Roma 1967

The Ball Church in Gibellina, 1972

Atribune LINK

Architetti LINK

July 20, 2020