Luigi Moretti

Luigi Walter Moretti (1906-1973) enrolled at the School of Architecture in Rome, where he graduated in 1934. Moretti was a teaching assistant to Gustavo Giovannoni and Vincenzo Fasolo. He began to practice architecture while he was still a student at university. Together with Enrico Vallini he designed a number of buildings during this period.

In 1933 he was appointed director of the technical department of the Opera Nazionale Balilla (ONB). During these years he participated in the major architectural competitions promoted by the Fascist regime: the Palazzo del Littorio (1934 and 1937) and the E42 quarter’s Piazza Imperiale (1937). After the end of the war he resumed his practice in Milan. At the time he was involved in the design of twenty-two apartment buildings with included communal services, and built the office and residential complex in Corso Italia in Milan (1949-1956).

In 1950, Moretti founded and directed the arts and architecture magazine Spazio which ran for seven issues until 1953.

Moretti had a profound interest in mathematics, formal logic and other scientific disciplines. In 1957 he was involved in the creation of the IRMOU (National Institute for Mathematical and Operational Planning Research). He developed the theory of Parametric Architecture, formalized and first presented in 1960 on the occasion of the XII Triennale.

He worked in the USA, most notably the design for the Watergate complex in Washington and together with Pier Luigi Nervi on the Montreal Stock Exchange.

Moretti wrote extensively about his ideas for a parametric architecture.  He defined it as the study of architecture systems with the purpose of “defining the relationships between the dimensions dependent upon the various parameters.” Moretti uses the design of the stadium N, presented at the Twelfth Milan Triennial to explain how the stadium’s shape can be designed from nineteen different parameters. These for for example the viewing angles and the most economic cost for the use of the concrete structure.

Model of stadium N by Luigi Moretti. Exhibited at the 1960 Parametric Architecture exhibition at the Twelfth Milan Triennial. The stadium derives it’s forms from a parametric model consisting of nineteen different parameters.

The plans for stadium versions M and N showing the equi-desirability curves of the design.

Some pages from Spazio 7, in 1952 investigation the voids of Michelangelo’s San Giovanni dei Fiorentini or from Borromini’s interiors of San Carlino.



Link Moretti, Sturctures and Spaces, 1952

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