Paolo Portoghesi

Drawing by Paolo Portoghesi of the Casa Andreis in Scandriglia, 1964-69. (Souce Centre Pompidou)

Paolo Portoghesi (1931-) is an Italian architect, theorist, historian. He teaches architecture at the University La Sapienza in Rome.

He became with Bruno Zevi a supporter of more organic architecture. During is career his research focusses on the architecture of Borromini and the Baroque. Together with Bruno Zevi he curated an exhibition commemorating the work of Michelangelo.

In his early work (1962-1975) Protoghesi followed a more fluid architecture that takes references from nature.

Casa Papanice, Rome, Italy. 1966, Paolo Portoghesi

Casa Baldi design, Roma 1959-61

Santa Marinella Apartment Block, Rome, 1966

Church of Sacra Famiglia, Salerno, Italy, 1974

Design for a new airport in Karthoom, 1981

Borromini and Portoghesi

Casa Panice, Paolo Portoghesi

Paolo Portoghesi – Projects and Drawings, 1979

Artribune – Portoghesi and Zevi


June 19, 2020