The Casa Model

The set-up of of the walls for the Royal Academy London exhibition

To explore the idea od the Endless House we fabricated a scale model of the Casa Sperimentale. THis model made of grey Valchromat and wood was set up for the Weissenhog exhibition to reflect the current set up of the walls in the house.

The model, consisting of 199 individual pieces is, like the real building, made of modules bolted together. They can be disassembled and reassembled to test out different configurations of the building.

Casa Model set up in the Weissenhof exhibition.

This setting reflects the current set up of the walls in the Casa Sperimentale. The transport box, made of plywood in the same dimensions as the Casa Sperimentale wall elements can be used to transport the model.

The bathroom elements, CNC’ed out of wood are suspended off the mainframe of the model like the bathrooms in the real building.

These drawings shows the CNC toolpaths for the fabrication of the model.

This model was made with support from the Bartlett BMade workshop. The CNC work was done by Dimitris Ktorides.


July 12, 2020