San Germano reconstruction project

In 1955 Perugini worked on a project to reconstruct a village destroyed by an earthquake. This project can be seen as an incubator for ideas later realised in the Casa Sperimentale.

Instead of a plain reconstruction of the town Perugini suggested to leave the destroyed buildings and create a new structure out of trellis beams and inhabitable cubes suspended above the old town.

A modular system would have allowed the different cubes to be combined to respond to different needs for inhabitation- echoing the memories o the lost buildings below.

Still working compositionally with traditional methods like the Golden Section, Perugini saw the design as dynamic structure as a response to the destructive tensions created by the earthquake.

Built out of concrete all elements – the building and the furniture were cast out of the same material.

Cuts in the walls would have allowed light to enter the structure very much in the same way Giuseppe suggested the window slits in the early versions of the design for the Casa Sperimentale. San Germano, in Perugini G., Progetti e Ricerca, p. 38-41

Early sketch showing the idea of the suspended cubes off the concrete mainframes.

Site plan exploring the layout of the added cube inhabitations above the ruins of the town.

Model image of the competition entry.

July 21, 2020