Inarch- Finsider Competition, 1967

The winning entry for the Inarch Finsider Competition in 1967 can be seen as the prototype idea for the Casa Sperimentale.

Working with the ideas of a steel structure with suspended living and service elements in form of frames, Perugini envsioned the building elements to be mobile and reconfigurable. Each element is a basic frame fulfilling a basic function – an open space, a bathroom, a kitchen, a well segment etc. Each element had a thickness of 600mm with an element size of 2m, 4m, 3m and 4.8m. By combining different sized elements in a variety of positions and combinations it was possible to create an infinite numbder of possible inhabitatons.

Vaying the heights elements could have multiple functions—a floor, a bench, a table, etc.

Perugini was awarded the first prize for the “construction in the workshop of steel building types through the design of a living cell intended as a matrix of growing organisms”.

All elements were to be built in a workshop and delivered to site with all fixtures and fittings ready to be installed and inhabited.

The main space frame to support and hang the elements off were made of steel sections set into concrete foundations.

Drawing exploring the different elements and hteir possible combinations.

Model view of the 600mm elements bolted side by side to create hte elevation of the buidling.

July 12, 2020