Canopy Shyness

The Casa Sperimentale was conceived right from the start as an elevated structure, removed off the ground and set within the context of the pine trees on the existing site.

Like the tree canopy, each of the rooms/spaces is its separate space with the plates not touching each other in a similar way tree canopies do not grow together. This natural phenomenon is called Canopy Shyness.

View of the trees on the site looking up.

View through the structure from the pool looking up towards the sky.

Canopy shyness is observed in nature.

Each of the internal ‘rooms’ is sitting on individually supported floor plates. These are separated by strips of glass allowing the occupant to look up towards the sky and down towards the ground through these slits.

This image shows the glass slits separating the ceiling plates with glass.

View from inside through theglass strips toward the sky/ground.

Canopy Shyness – Biology Blog

July 9, 2020