Casa Sperimentale – Drawings

Plan of the Casa Sperimentale

Site plan

THis original site plan by Giusepe Perugini shows the Casa Sperimentale and the possible extension of the structure over the site and beyond exploring the ideas of the endless house.

Elevation drawn after completion

Set of plans and sections through the house drawn after completion.

Plan, section and elevation drawing of the concrete bathroom elements

Elevation of one secment of the semi circular concrete fence surrounding the site

Cross section though the concrete fence. The family had the idea to raise the ground inside of the fence.

Elevations and sections through the concrete pre-cast wall elements. Each element is cast aroudn a styrofoam core to insulte the strcutre fro mthe Summer heat.

Plan drawing of the Casa with sketches added by Perugini to test ideas of how and where to place a kitchen within the finished building.

Detail of kitchen positioning in the plan

July 12, 2020