Beaubourg Competition, 1971

Competition for the Centre of Contempory Art, Centre Baubourg in Paris.

International competition with O.C. Cacoub, R. Heim de Balsac, G.G. de Rossi, Raynaldo Perugini and Y. Roa.

1971/1972 Giuseppe Perugini together with the French architect Olivier Clement Cacoub, R. Heim de Balsac, G.G. de Rossi, Y. Roa and his son Raynaldo Perugini, entered the international design competition for the design of the new museum at the Plateau de Beaubourg in Paris.

The competion attracted 681 competitors from 49 different countries and was ultimatly won by Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers.

Perugini and his collaborators entered a scheme which consisted of a dynamic structure modelled in metal. Four cylindrical towers held the circulation and the artwork on show.

Inspired by his research into the cybernetic architecture Perugini envisioned a flexible structure where each visitor would be able to select a number of pieces they wanted to show and the building would dynamically reconfigure and regroup itself to create a unique experience for each of the visitors.

Competition entry for the Palais Beaubourg, now in the arhcive ofthe Centre Pompidou, Paris. LINK

Published: L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui / “Recherches Matériaux”, No.160, février-mars 1972, pp. 88-91

Centre Pompidou / Palais Beaubourg, Paris

Olivier Clement Cacoub

July 5, 2020