Exhibition at architekturgalerie am weissenhof in Stuttgart

Casa Sperimentale Exhibition at the architekturgalerie am weissenhof, Stuttgart 17.01 – 03.03.2019

As part of the Bauhaus 100 exhibition cycle the Casa Sperimentale was exhibited at the architektugalerie am weissenhog in Stuttgart, Germany.

The Bauhaus in Germany was a lively school of ideas and a field for experimenting in the free and applied arts, design, architecture and educational methods.

We see the Casa Sperimentale to follow the Bauhaus principles. It is pushing the boundaries of architecture, it has been conceived as a design tool, it is based on complex geometries, the Perugini family has been involved in educating architects for many years.

Sabine and Patrick’s exhibition looked at the (hi)stories surrounding the creation of this amazing masterpiece and speculate on the reasons for its demise. 

Shown in the exhibition was part of the research into the Casa Sperimentale. Parts of the gallery were transformed into a space using the same geometric elements the Casa is built of. A large scale model explored the modular nature of the building.

The exhibition was opened on the 17.01.2019 with a public lecture by Patrick Weber and Sabine Storp at the Stattliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Stuttgart.

This exhibition featured:

Exhibition 18.01 – 3.03.3019

architekturgalerie am weissenhof
Am Weissenhof 30 
70191 Stuttgart / Germany


July 1, 2020