Casa Sperimentale Photographic Documentation

Very few images of the construction period have survived. As the structure was never completed—fulfilling the ambition to be unfinished and endless—it has never been formally photographically documented.

As part of our documentation we have extensively documented the architecture in its current fragile state to document the building, its setting and the actual structural damage caused by years of vandalism. Being in such a fragile state with some of the main structural members of the superstructure now corroded, there is a real danger of a catastrophic loss of the building in the near future.

In July 2018 we commissioned the photographer Andy Tye to document the building in its current state.

The set of photos attempted to show a different side of the building, seen through the eye of a professional photographer. Carefully crafted they show not only the spaces but they frame as well the deterioration of the structure and fragility of the elements.

This photographic record forms the basis of an invaluable document of the building.

more here: FrenchandTye

All photos are:

©Patrick Weber and ©Andy Tye,

July 11, 2020