The Casa Sperimentale Project

The Casa Sperimentale is an experimental house designed by the Perugini family and built between 1968 and 1975 in the small coastal town of Fregene near Rome. The house has been largely overlooked by the architectural community and abandoned since the death of the main architect couple.

The architects Giuseppe Perugini, his wife Uga de Plaissant and their son Raynaldo Perugini. It was built over a period of over 10 years from 1968 until the late 1970′.

We discovered the Casa Sperimentale in 2014 in an Instagram post by an American photographer Lisa Shalom. We were amazed that despite us being practising architects and educators at the Bartlett School of Architecture for over 20 years we have never seen this building.

Over several years we aproached the owner to find out more about the building and to uncover the many facets around it’s history.

Photos by Lisa Shalom

July 1, 2020